Help! We want your bugs!

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If we have any budding entomologists out there… We are going to start trying to preserve some of our insect specimens by casting them in acrylic resin so that they survive being handled by little ones. If you want to contribute some insect specimens (dead, please), we would love to have them! We do have some that are just parts – like cicada wings, so it doesn’t have to be the whole insect. No squashed insects, please. We will continue to add to our collection over time, too,...

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Building Literacy by Reading Aloud with Children

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Happy Sunday! One of the strengths of Two Wishes Child Care is our strong interest in and support of early literacy. Jen has been an avid devourer of literature from the age of four – she even has a letter floating around the house somewhere from her first grade teacher Mrs. Ratcliffe commending Jen on the discussion they had about Little Women. Our daily story time is an important part of our program. During our story time, we explore the weekly theme through books, engage in social...

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2017-W22 May 30th through June 2nd

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Reminder! On Thursday, have your child wear something red! Spinach by Grow It! Try It! Like It! [USDA] Children will look at spinach growing in the garden, have a spinach tasting party, eat spinach throughout the week, start spinach from seed, and continue to learn about MyPlate. They will spend time in the garden helping. Focus Letter & Number: U, u, Y, y, 3 Focus Shape: Triangle Focus Color: Red Focus Food: Spinach Grow It! Try It! Like It! by the USDA is a curriculum we use from May to...

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2017-W18 May 1st through May 5th

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This week we have two holidays to celebrate! We will be making small May Day cones on the 1st and touching on Cinco de Mayo on the 5th. On Thursday, have your child wear something brown! New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment! by Jen Children will learn the location of New Mexico and some of its history. They will look at pictures and souvenirs from the Rothmeyers’ vacation to the state. They will learn more about the Ancient Pueblo People and Mogollon People, the desert and its animals and...

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Week of October 24-28: Not-so-Creepy Crawly Spiders!

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My super power of spider-sense tells me that it’s time for the week of the spider! Halloween is creeping around the corner, but we will be closed on October 31. That means we’ll be having our Halloween party early on Thursday, October 27. Children could come with their costumes, a Halloween-themed outfit, or a willingness to try on one of our costumes for a group picture. (Participation not required.)  Check below for a summary of our activities and meals this week. As always, we...

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Cooperative Bean Race

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Description: Dried beans are put into a large tub with a smaller, empty tub inside of it. Each child is given a large tweezer (we used Gator Grabber Tweezers). Children work together to get all the beans into the smaller bin. Review: Surprisingly, the kids were very into this activity. I thought they’d get bored, but the challenge must have been just up their alley. Participants ranged from 22 months to 11 years old. The younger kids did end up grabbing handfuls of beans after awhile to...

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