Help! We want your bugs!

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Science | 0 comments

If we have any budding entomologists out there… We are going to start trying to preserve some of our insect specimens by casting them in acrylic resin so that they survive being handled by little ones.
If you want to contribute some insect specimens (dead, please), we would love to have them! We do have some that are just parts – like cicada wings, so it doesn’t have to be the whole insect. No squashed insects, please. We will continue to add to our collection over time, too, so donations will be accepted in the future, as well.
If anyone has a square silicone mold they don’t want anymore or a mold that has a square base so that the specimens can stand up on a shelf, we would love that, too!
Thanks! 🙂
🐞🐜We already have a Monarch butterfly, Painted Lady butterfly, nymph cicada exoskeleton, and cicada wings. 🐞 🐜