Announcing the SASE Program!

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We at Two Wishes Child Care care deeply about your family as an entire unit. We believe in the whole family approach to child care as highlighted in the Strengthening Families model. That is why we are very pleased to announce a new program to bridge and support families!

Bring in self-addressed stamped envelopes to Two Wishes Child Care and place them in the “for caregiver” section of your mail folder. You can have as many envelopes as will fit (and as many different addresses as you want)! As we paint, color, draw, and do other art projects, we will mail off the “signed” and dated artwork to your loved ones so that they can proudly display your little Picasso’s work on their fridge.

9”x12” envelopes work best if you don’t want the sheets creased. Each 9×12 envelope should have two stamps on it to ensure it is delivered safely! This will allow us to send out up to 1 ounce of weight. Stick a couple 21¢ stamps in the folder and we’ll add them if we need them!


According to the friendly man at the post office I spoke with this morning, if you write the addresses in the wrong orientation, it costs more money! Lay your 9” x 12” envelope so that it is wider than it is tall (just like the picture above!).

Check out the flyer here: SASE Program.