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2017-W22 May 30th through June 2nd

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Reminder! On Thursday, have your child wear something red! Spinach by Grow It! Try It! Like It! [USDA] Children will look at spinach growing in the garden, have a spinach tasting party, eat spinach throughout the week, start spinach from seed, and continue to learn about MyPlate. They will spend time in the garden helping. Focus Letter & Number: U, u, Y, y, 3 Focus Shape: Triangle Focus Color: Red Focus Food: Spinach Grow It! Try It! Like It! by the USDA is a curriculum we use from May to...

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Announcing the SASE Program!

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We at Two Wishes Child Care care deeply about your family as an entire unit. We believe in the whole family approach to child care as highlighted in the Strengthening Families model. That is why we are very pleased to announce a new program to bridge and support families! Bring in self-addressed stamped envelopes to Two Wishes Child Care and place them in the “for caregiver” section of your mail folder. You can have as many envelopes as will fit (and as many different addresses as you want)!...

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