Beliefs and Values


Two Wishes Child Care is committed to providing safe, educational, and loving care to all children and families with whom the program interacts. This program is based upon fostering independence while simultaneously leading individuals to operate within patient, kind, and respectful limits. This philosophy helps to mold resilient, courageous, self-disciplined children for their future success.

Experiences within Two Wishes Child Care include teacher-led discussions and small-group activities as well as child-led exploration, activities, and play. This combination of both types of experience leads to the most effective and supportive environment for emotional growth and educational growth.

Beliefs and Values

I believe in:

  • nurturing a child’s social and emotional development, intellectual growth, and physical health
  • setting stage-appropriate limits while recognizing individual freedom within those limits
  • intentionally adapting the child’s physical environment to support growth and education – including sensory education!
  • involving children in day-to-day work and play
  • facilitating both indoor and outdoor play
  • supporting consistency between home and care through listening and creating mutual understanding with families
  • accommodating a child’s needs and a family’s needs by seeing them as individuals
    • this includes accommodating special dietary, neurological, or physical needs whenever possible
  • being responsive and flexible throughout care
  • being proactive to reduce the need to be reactive

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