Week of October 24-28: Not-so-Creepy Crawly Spiders!

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My super power of spider-sense tells me that it’s time for the week of the spider! Halloween is creeping around the corner, but we will be closed on October 31. That means we’ll be having our Halloween party early on Thursday, October 27. Children could come with their costumes, a Halloween-themed outfit, or a willingness to try on one of our costumes for a group picture. (Participation not required.)  Check below for a summary of our activities and meals this week. As always, we welcome your participation and/or questions!


Unit Theme

Spiders by Early Learning Success


Fingerplays, Rhymes, and Songs

  • Little Miss Muffet
  • A spider song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider


  • Sensory: green rice, spiders, tweezers, webbing, magnifying glasses in sensory bin. Sensory bottle with spiders and webbing in it.
    • Playing with a stuffed spider
    • Making and playing with felt Jack O’Lanterns
    • Sticky webs
    • Searching for the color green
  • Dramatic Play Area:
    • Witch costume
    • Creating a “cobweb tunnel” (with our play tunnel and a blanket covered in printed cobwebs)
    • Draping our large cardboard box in spiderwebbing
    • Spider hats
  • Reading Corner: See books above for what will be in the “READ ME” bin
    • Feltboard foci: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack O’Lanterns
  • Arts & Literacy: Focus this week on storyboard templates, chenille sticks, pompoms, construction paper, chalk, tape, glue, tempera paint.
    • Completing a KWL on Spiders
    • Drawing and painting webs
    • Looking in our environment for “D, d” and objects that start with the letter
    • Creating a story sequence book about Anansi’s Party Time
    • Constructing a spider from a variety of materials
    • Spiderweb cutting strips
    • Spider hats
  • STEM: 
  • Music and Movement:
    • Halloween music,
    • Trumpet music,
    • Green dancing scarves
    • Pretending to be spiders and doing spider crawls
    • Physical activities from CATCH
    • Scarf dancing
    • Marching in a numbered circle and stating the number the child lands on when the Halloween music stops
  • Nutrition:
  • Other:
    • Halloween safety discussion

Themed Days

  • Music Monday (listening to trumpet music at lunch)
  • Tea Party Tuesday (at snack time)
  • I Wonder Wednesday (finding out what we still wonder about spiders)
  • Thoughtful Thursday (answering thought-provoking questions at lunch)
  • Reflection Friday (talking about everything we learned)


Monday Breakfast French toast bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, frozen mixed berries, milk
Lunch Chicken breast, dinner roll, homemade chunky cranberry and apple relish, romaine salad, milk
PM Snack String cheese, fresh broccoli with ranch
Tuesday Breakfast Cereal, bananas, milk
Lunch Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, English muffins, apricot halves, milk
PM Snack “Spiders” made from round crackers, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, and raisins
Wednesday Breakfast Whole wheat toast with jelly, potato skillet, milk
Lunch Pasta with ground beef, pasta sauce, homemade low sugar applesauce, romaine salad, milk
PM Snack “Spiders” made from apple halves and grape quarters
Thursday Breakfast Cereal, canned pears, milk
Lunch Grilled cheese “Sand Witches” with celery broomsticks, “bloody” tomato soup, Jack O’Lantern sweet potato fries, milk
PM Snack “Pumpkins” and “Broomsticks” made from clementines with celery stick stems and pretzels in cut string cheese
Friday Breakfast Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, apple slices, milk
Lunch Tuna salad on whole wheat bread, frozen vegetables, crinkle cut carrot chips, milk
PM Snack Red bell pepper strips with ranch dressing, whole wheat crackers