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We Have a New Resource to Help Children Gain Attentiveness and Persistence Through Sensory Bins

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in All Posts, Resource Library | 0 comments

I received a new book called Sensory Play this week. As always, you are also welcome to look through our resource library whenever you would like.

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Cooperative Bean Race

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Activities, All Posts | 0 comments

Description:┬áDried beans are put into a large tub with a smaller, empty tub inside of it. Each child is given a large tweezer (we used Gator Grabber Tweezers). Children work together to get all the beans into the smaller bin. Review: Surprisingly, the kids were very into this activity. I thought they’d get bored, but the challenge must have been just up their alley. Participants ranged from 22 months to 11 years old. The younger kids did end up grabbing handfuls of beans after awhile to...

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Should you pack your child’s snowpants?

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in About the Program, All Posts | 0 comments

The short answer is that you should always bring your child with appropriate weather gear. However, whether or not we play outside is dependent upon the weather. (Yes, I intentionally wrote those homophones.) The chart I go by is provided by Rice County and was produced by the Iowa Department of Public Health. If the forecast shows a prediction in the red, it is unlikely that we will be going outside. I’ll keep an eye on the thermometer, though, to see if the prediction was wrong. In the...

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Why “Two Wishes”?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in About the Program, All Posts | 0 comments

Why “Two Wishes?” I believe in supporting the development of roots AND wings. Keep reading to see what I mean.

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