Should you pack your child’s snowpants?

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The short answer is that you should always bring your child with appropriate weather gear. However, whether or not we play outside is dependent upon the weather. (Yes, I intentionally wrote those homophones.) The chart I go by is provided by Rice County and was produced by the Iowa Department of Public Health. If the forecast shows a prediction in the red, it is unlikely that we will be going outside. I’ll keep an eye on the thermometer, though, to see if the prediction was wrong.

In the winter, please bring your child with:

  • Warm coat
  • Snowpants
  • Snow boots (if your child is walking)
  • Weather-resistant gloves (cloth mittens are typically not warm enough, especially when they get soaked)
  • A warm hat that covers their ears (separate from the hood on their coat)
  • Scarf

You may need assistance acquiring some of these items. I will be updating these post in the future with some locations where you can get assistance.